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Professional Floor Care Tips | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Excel Hardwood Floors,Inc. is proud to offer Bona hardwood floor cleaning products to our customers. The right supplies are crucial when it comes to floor maintenance. When you're shopping for supplies, you should always make sure that they are designed to work with your specific type of hardwood floor. If you buy the wrong ... Read more
The most effective way to apply a cleaning solution to a hardwood floor is to use flat head mops and apply with the grain of the floor. Before applying the cleaning solution, it is extremely important to sweep the floor to remove hard debris. A hardwood floor cleaner is going to coat your floor to protect it, so any debris ... Read more
Excel Hardwood Floors recommends that you clean your floors once every one or two weeks. You may need to do extra cleaning on high traffic areas, especially if you can see a difference in the wood between different areas. Always regularly change out the pad on your mop to make sure you are actually removing debris, and not just moving it around.
To prevent gouges and scratches in your floor, you should put feet protectors on all of your furniture. Area rugs that do not have rubber backings to them are ideal to protect high traffic areas. Rubber backings prevent the circulation of air, and can cause moisture and warping problems. Monitor the rug areas as some species of hardwoods can become discolored when they are covered with rugs.

If you need professional advice on cleaning or maintaining your hardwood floors, you can always call us at Excel Hardwood Floors at 763-753-1677, and we'll be able to help!
1. Purchase a flat-head mop that works with a terry cloth cover or velcro pad along with a 'water based' hardwood floor cleaner. We suggest using Bona hardwood floor products. Oil soaps (e.g., Murphy's Oil Soap), wood polishes and other cleaners (overspray) can damage the wood floor finish when used on or near the wood floors and can also cause problems during refinishing. Be careful in choosing your hardwood floor cleaner and when using dusting products near your hardwood floors.
NOTE: Bona Hardwood floor cleaning products can be purchased through Excel Hardwood Floors, Inc. or at some retail stores.


2. Always vacuum or sweep before you clean your hardwood floors.

3. Lightly mist an 8' x 8' area of your floor with a hardwood cleaner.

Using a back and forth motion (going with the grain), clean the floor surface with your terry cloth mop.
5. If a spill occurs, soak up the bulk liquid promptly. Mist the affected area with hardwood floor cleaner and clean with the mop.

6. Cleaning your hardwood floors once every 1-2 weeks is recommended. Frequency for general cleaning depends on the amount of traffic on your floors.

7. Replace pad on mop as one becomes soiled. Most pads are machine washable and reusable.

8. Place feet protectors on all feet of furniture. Cutting bottom of chair legs straight helps keep the chairs from digging into the floors.

9. Use area rugs on high traffic pathways. Rugs should allow the floor to "breathe". Avoid rugs with rubber backing or other non-ventilating material. Keep in mind that where rugs are placed, the flooring under the rug may fade or darken depending on wood species.

IMPORTANT: Room temperature should stay around 70 degrees, with humidity level between 30%-50%