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Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Professionals in St. Paul, Minnesota


1. Will I be given the best advice for my needs?

  • Yes. We at Excel Hardwood Floors pride ourselves with the utmost knowledge that goes beyond hardwood floors that you will immediately notice upon the time of the estimate.

2. How much will I be charged for an estimate?

  • Nothing. We provide free estimates.

3. Who will install my hardwood flooring?

  • Our qualified and knowledgeable carpenters will complete the required work, although they may sometimes be assisted by a trained apprentice so we can further the knowledge of our company for years to come.

4. How many choices of wood species do we have to choose from?

  • We work closely with a quality vendor who has many different choices of unfinished and prefinished flooring from which to make your selection.

5. How do I know if my wood floors need a buff and coat or a total resand?

  • Our specialist will come to your home and provide a free estimate to confirm what type of process your floors need.

6. What hardwood floor detail work do we complete?

  • We do custom inlays, staining, borders, designs, lace-ins (repair work).

7. Does Excel Hardwood Floors only install wood type floors?

  • Besides wood flooring, we also install rubber and cork flooring.

8. Does Excel Hardwood Floors complete work besides hardwood, cork and rubber flooring?

  • Yes. We are known for the ability to complete all types of tear outs, trim work, stair work, railings, etc. that unify the hardwood floor process.

9. How much accumulated dust can I expect in my house after floors are completed?

  • Minimal. All of our sanders, edgers, saws, etc., are hooked up to hoses that filter into a 99% dust containment system. To go even further, in the areas we work in, we hang poly at open areas, tie blinds together and put filters over cold air return vents.

10. Do floors shrink and contract with the season and is this a problem?

  • Some expanding and contracting of the floors is normal due to the range of temperatures and humidity levels that affect our homes here in Minnesota. A climate controlled atmosphere is best for helping these changes.

11. Do I have to be out of the home during the project?

  • We highly suggest being out of the home due to the chemicals during the finishing process. Also, the least amount of movement in the home helps assure a more quality finish due to less dust, etc., being moved in the air while the finish is drying. If prefinished floors are chosen, occupancy of the home is optional, although, we do quarantine off areas that may be hard to get to while we complete the work.

12. How long does it take for the finish to dry?

  • Polyurethane finish takes approximately 24 hours to dry. Water base finishes take approximately three hours to dry.

13. What is the difference between a polyurethane and water base finish?

  • Besides the drying time difference, polyurethanes accentuate the grains in the wood and has an amber tone. Water base has a somewhat milky clear finish, but can amber over time.

14. How can I be assured my scheduled date for the work completed will be upheld?

  • You can be most assured we will arrive on the scheduled date to complete the project. We do ask for a 50% deposit along with a signed copy of the estimate to hold your date.

15. How soon can I put rugs down after the floors have been newly finished?

  • Rugs should not be placed on the floors until the floors are completely cured, which can take anywhere from seven to thirty days, depending on the finish used and conditions of the job site; this also includes prefinished floors. Most rugs need to have some kind of protective pad. In rooms with higher levels of sunlight we highly suggest periodically moving your rugs to help keep the same color consistent throughout your floor which will help prevent discoloration.